Oasis logo

A faith community of
The United Church of Christ

  • A crossroads on a journey
  • A place to find sustenance
  • A gathering of wayfarers
  • A watering hole
  • A refuge from what is usual
  • A fertile place in an arid region

     No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here.


Welcome to The Oasis

progressive thinkers
spiritual wrestlers
religious questers & questioners
faith explorers

To create a community where:
we are welcome no matter where we come from,
we can nurture one another on the journey,
we can seek healing from the wounds of life.

We are:
eclectic in worship style
egalitarian in leadership
diverse in faith journeys
casual in dress and conversation
consensual in decision making


       "The Oasis is a place of rest and enrichment on our spiritual journey, a place where we can get the tools necessary to learn and decide which beliefs we will follow. The Oasis is a place where all are welcome, no matter what race, age, gender, sexual orientation, belief system, and anything else I might have left out." ~Lloyd

“I didn’t go to church because it didn’t make sense. This makes sense.” ~Scott